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Who is Eligible

Former DOE subcontractor and trades workers who worked construction on an Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) or Department of Energy (DOE) site may be eligible to participate in this program. These workers may be at increased risk for occupational illnesses as a result of their work on DOE sites.

If you performed construction work (for either DOE federal, contractors, or subcontractors) on a DOE site and:

  • You think you may have been exposed to toxic substances or hazardous conditions such as asbestos, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, lead, noise, radiation, silica, solvents, and welding fumes,
  • Or you think your health may have been affected because of your work at a DOE site, including cancer, chronic lung diseases, and other serious health problems,

Call 1-800-866-9663 or email btmed@btmed.org to see if you may be eligible for a free medical screening exam to test for health conditions that may be work related.

To learn more about the DOE sites covered by BTMed, visit the Covered Sites section of our website.